The Art of Persian Dance

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With fluidity and rhythm, this dance showcases the rich and refined aesthetics of the Persian culture.

A Background Check on Persian Dance

The body positioning, movement, and use of the hands do a great job of conveying what this culture is about. As you can imagine by the name, Persian dance was born in the region that borders the Middle East and Central Asia called Persia. Dance had great social and religious relevance for this ancient culture.

It is the irony of history that ever since the revolution in 1979, this art form has been prohibited in the same country that once upon a time performed a central role for its expansion and advancement.

Source: Iran Chamber

Persian Dance: The Origins

History estimates that the rise of this type of dance was around the same time that Mithraism came to be. This cult is related to the worship of Persia’s god of sun and light, known as Mithra, who sacrifices a bull to promote the vigor of life. Persians held a ritual where they had to get baptized in the blood of a bull, and later, a dance was performed by only men. This act was considered the earliest form of Iranian dance.

Persian Dance Genres

Persian Dance at Bella Diva Dance

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Classical: Also known as the classical court dance. Even when it’s not actually performed at a court, this genre involves solo improvised dances that often use that signature movement of the hands and arms that convey a flirty vibe.

Social: This is a more informal type of dance which is usually performed as part of social celebrations in places where public dance is permitted.

Folk: Regional dances, mostly related to religious or spiritual rituals. It’s not some much about performing for an audience, but for the pleasure of those dancing it.

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