Rhonda Baxter

Teaching Associate
bella diva dance rhonda

Rhonda, from Denver Colorado, began dancing for recreation as a child in Jazz and Ballet. Her professional dance and music training began 24 years ago studying Middle Eastern Dance.

She has studied with Sadie & Kaya and performed as a member of their dance company Groove du Monde along with Caitlin, leading her to explore more forms of world dance, including Belly Dance, Salsa, African, Brazilian Samba No Pe. More recently, in addition to performing with Bella Diva Dance, under the direction and tutelage of Allison Brown, Rhonda has studied Contemporary Dance, Lyrical Ballet, and “Rock and Roll” Burlesque and has performed under the direction of Allison Brown in Belle Femme.

Being multi-faceted, Rhonda is a competitive CrossFit athlete affiliated with BackCountry CrossFit where she also works performing manual therapies on other competitive athletes of all levels.