Laura DPSD

Laura first discovered her love and passion for dance on a high school field trip to a middle eastern restaurant featuring a bellydancer. A couple of years later at age 17, she finally began taking lessons in Turkish/Egyptian cabaret style bellydancing in Fort Collins which provided her with a solid foundation and understanding of bellydance techniques and skills. Later on, she studied American Tribal Style bellydance in Southern Colorado and would not neglect to mention Youtube as a highly useful and inspirational teacher over the years! She joined the Bella Diva Dance community in early 2014 and enjoys both performing with the group on stage and exploring some of the various dance styles offered at the studio, including Bollywood & Samba. Laura is notorious among her fellow dancers for her pronounced bellyflutters and loves experimenting with props.

Besides dance, Laura enjoys running and hiking, and recently started rock-climbing. Studying Chinese and Indonesian martial arts in the past further contributed to her body awareness and isolations. She has had opportunities to travel to China, Indonesia and Central Europe.

Laura originally was born and raised in Germany and immigrated to Colorado with her family at the age of 12. She has been a registered nurse by profession for over seven years and finds joy and self-expression through movement and dance.