Jill Ahlbrecht

Teaching Associate
bella diva dance jill

Jill, originally from Denver Colorado is an accomplished figure skater and now yogini! Jill has recently completed two 200-hour yoga teacher trainings, the latter being done at Kindness Yoga.
Jill’s first training was in the Ashtanga form of yoga, which is a very athletic and challenging style of yoga and although she still loves it, she realized it is not for everyone and every body.
Her second training was primarily in Vinyasa yoga and also generally covered a broad spectrum and introduction into Sanskrit studies, Thai massage, human anatomy, mindful eating, soulful breathwork, yoga nidra, pre-natal yoga, yin yoga, yoga therapeutics, meditation, history and philosophy of yoga.

 Jill currently instructs Bella Diva Dance’s new “Yoga For Dancers” class which will enable dancers to effectively cross train, equipping them with greater breath awareness, increased strength and flexibility, injury prevention and recovery techniques needed to maintain optimal mobility.
“Yoga for Dancers” emphasis on proper alignment, balance and agility will make even someone with two left feet look and feel like a dancer! This class is suitable for both dancers and non-dancers alike, male and female, all ages and from any background!