Erin Anderson

Teaching Associate
bella diva dance erin

Erin received a bachelor’s degree in Intercultural Communications and Dance, focusing on how dance communicates culture. Her passion for this topic led her to travel and study in Puerto Rico, Kenya and South Africa. She fell in love with Latin and African dance forms and pursued study of as many styles as she could, additionally including dances from Senegal, Ghana, Mali, Guinea, and Congo. Erin focused on world dance forms because of her interest in how they create community and are woven into everyday life.​
Her love of people brought her into teaching dance and movement, to adults and children alike. While engaged in this, she also studied a variety of massage and bodywork techniques to enhance her understanding of the body.

Once immersed in the practice of massage, she came to see how much is carried in the body. She earned a master’s degree in Somatic Counseling Psychology with a Concentration in Dance/Movement Therapy.
Her passion for dance continues as she currently focuses on Samba and Belly Dance. She continues to enjoy bringing the joy of dance and rhythm to adults and children, through both performance and teaching with Bella Diva Dance. Currently, she is a full-time dance/movement therapist working with children and adolescents.