bella diva dance candice

Candice’s Mantra: Be present in mind, body, and spirit at all times!

Candice Fletcher is originally from New Orleans, LA, but has been in Denver for the past 12 years. Candice began studying Classical Ballet and Gymnastics at the age of 3 and continued until the age of 18.

She has always had passion for studying and learning about different cultures, and has always held a deep appreciation for various dance genres. Candice has been studying belly dance and samba for the past 8 years.
In 2005 she joined the dance troupe Groove du Monde, under internationally renowned belly dance artists, Sadie Marquardt and Kaya Munn. She then began performing belly dance and samba professionally across Colorado. Candice still performs belly dance as a solo artist and is now a member of the Bella Diva Dance collective under Caitlin Brozna. With Bella Diva Dance, she performs Samba & Belly Dance choreographies in Denver.