Alfred Smith

Teaching Associate

Alfred traveled the unorthodox path in dance. He started dance when many professionals have hit their prime. He first started training in Hip hop and Breakin at Extreme Dance Studio in Salt Lake City, Utah under Adriano Welch. Alfred moved to Colorado in 2004 to join the Kim Robards Dance Company.

After the Kim Robards Dance Company, Alfred has since danced with Apex Contemporary Dance. Alfred was just recently promoted to full company member of Ballet Ariel. Alfred has previously taught at Colorado School of Dance, 24hr fitness, Dance Conservatory of Denver, CocooLotus Dance and Dance2b.

Alfred has recently started training in Flamenco adding to his current abundance of dance vocabulary. In addition to the modern, ballet, hip hop performances, Alfred wrote, choreographed and danced in his original Afro-modern-hip-rock-operatic-martial art-spoken word ballet, “HumAngel Revolution”.

Because of his unorthodox, wide exposure varied dance movement, Alfred has come to the philosophy that DANCE IS DANCE. Alfred is excited to be part of the Bella Diva Dance staff merging the emphasis of strong classical technique with the wide variety of movement from around the world. Beyond dance training, Alfred strives to encourage and bring out the best character, artists, passion and integrity within his young students that translates in EVERY aspect of their lives.